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CNC Agenda

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


“The Broad Impacts of the Immune System on Dairy Cattle Production”

1:00 PM Welcome
1:10 PM Immunity in Dairy Cattle: What's a Healthy Cow?
Dr. Derek McLean, Phibro Animal Health
1:35 PM Immunity, Inflammation and the Transition Cow
Dr. Barry Bradford, Kansas State University
2:20 PM The Direct and Indirect Effect of the Immune System on Reproduction in Dairy Cattle
Dr. Peter Hansen, University of Florida
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Immunity and Ruminal Acidosis/Laminitis
Dr. Tanya Gressley, University of Delaware
4:15 PM Immunity and Heat Stress in Dry and Lactation Cows
Dr. Geoff Dahl, University of Florida and Dr. Robert Collier, University of Arizona
4:55 PM Wrap-up
Dr. Jim Chapman, Phibro Animal Health
5:00 PM Social Hour

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

6:30 AM Breakfast, Sponsored By
7:00 AM Marsyt Sponsored Breakfast Presentation:
The Science Behind Natural Alternative in Production Agriculture
Dr. Milena Sevastiyanova, Innovad
8:15 AM Welcome
8:20 AM Management of Fresh Cows for Best Behavior
Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph
9:00 AM Can Genomics of Dry Matter Intake in Transition Cows Improve Health and Fertility?
Dr. Ron Butler, Cornell University
9:40 AM Presentation of Maynard Award
Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University
9:50 AM Break
10:20 AM Fatty Acid Nutrition of the Fresh Cow
Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University
11:00 AM Developing Practical Approaches to Modify Hepatic Fatty Acid Processing and Lipid Mediator Biosynthesis in Dairy Cattle: The Emerging Role of Lipidomics
Dr. Joe McFadden, Cornell University
11:40 AM Updates on Amino Acid Composition and Implications for Predictions of Supply and Requirements
Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University  
12:10 PM Lunch

Mini-Symposium – Disrupters to Animal Source Protein Production as We Know It Today

1:30 PM Lab-Based Meat Production – Science Fiction or Reality?
Dr. Mark Post, MD, PhD, Maastricht University
2:20 PM

Milk Avoidance and Beverage Alternatives
Dr. Dennis Savaiano, Purdue University

3:10 PM Moderated Discussion - What Does This Mean for Animal Production Systems?
Moderator: Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University
Panelists - Dr. Mark Post, MD, PhD, Maastricht University and Dr. Dennis Savaiano, Purdue University
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Infrared Milk Fatty Acid Analysis: Experience in the Field
Dr. Dave Barbano, Cornell University
4:40 PM The Cornell Milking Sheep Project
Ms. Nikola Kochendoerfer (MS Student) and Dr. Mike Thonney, Cornell University
5:00 PM Graduate Student Poster Session
5:15 PM Stations Dinner Reception

Thursday, October 19, 2017

6:30 AM Breakfast, Sponsored By

6:45 AM Chr. Hansen Sponsored Breakfast Presentation:
Moving Towards the New Food World - What Do All These Food Trends Really Mean for the Dairy Producer?
Dr. Kelli Hayes, Chr Hansen A/S
8:05 AM Welcome
8:10 AM Making Decisions About New Technologies on the Dairy
Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University
8:45 AM Phytochemicals in Microalgae and Benefits in Heat Stress
Dr. Xingen Lei, Cornell University
9:20 AM Charlie Sniffen Graduate Research Presentation
Sponsored by Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health
9:50 AM Break
10:00 AM Cropping Considerations for Herds Considering non-GMO Production
Mr. Joe Lawrence, Cornell University PRO-DAIRY
10:20 AM Ration Considerations for Herds Considering non-GMO Production
Dr. Larry Chase, Cornell University
10:50 AM Responses to Methionine Supplementation During Early Lactation
Dr. Matias Stangaferro (PhD Candidate) and Dr. Julio Giordano, Cornell University
11:50 PM Feeding the Fresh Cow – Fiber Considerations
Ms. Sarah LaCount (PhD Student), Cornell University
12:20 PM Adjourn

Post-Conference Symposium Sponsored By

"Bringing It Together: Advancements in Forage Digestibility"

12:20 PM Post-Conference Symposium Lunch
1:00 PM Fiber is Complicated! Understanding aNDF, aNDFom, NDFD, uNDFom in Your Forage Analysis Report and Its Application
Dr. Tom Tylutki, AMTS LLC
1:55 PM Moving Forward with Silage Hybrid Evaluation
Dr. Greg Roth, Penn State University
2:40 PM A Novel bm3 Corn Silage Hybrid with Floury Kernel Genetics Improve Lactation Performance and Feed Efficiency in Holstein Cows
Dr. Rick Grant, Miner Institute
3:15 PM Adjourn