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CNC Agenda

2018 Conference Agenda

This agenda has been approved for 16 ARPAS credits.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


“Leading the Way in Responsible and Sustainable Food Production”


1:00 PM Welcome
1:10 PM Aligned Supply Chains: Delivering Food Safety, Customer Satisfaction, and Consistent Profitability
Steve Sands, Performance Food Group
1:50 PM Salmonella in Dairy Cattle and Pre-Harvest Interventions Designed to Enhance Food Safety
Dr. Tom Edrington, Diamond V
2:40 PM Antimicrobial Resistance: Why Beating the Bugs is Futile
Dr. Guy Loneragan, Texas Tech University
3:15 PM Break
3:45 PM Nutrition 2.0: The Increasingly Complex World of How Nutrients Work
Dr. Barry Bradford, Kansas State University
4:35 PM Approaches to Mitigating On-Farm Pathogen Burdens
Dr. Bill Stone, Diamond V
5:10 PM Final Questions and Symposium Wrap-Up
5:20 PM Social Hour

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

6:30 AM Breakfast, Sponsored By
Alltech logo
7:00 AM Alltech Sponsored Breakfast Presentation:
Precision Dairy Farming in the Future – Can Technology Replace Cow Sense?
Dr. Aidan Connolly, Alltech
8:05 AM Welcome
8:10 AM Relationships Between Undigested and Physically Effective Fiber in Lactating Dairy Cows
Dr. Rick Grant, Miner Institute
8:50 AM Determination of First Limiting Physical Factors in Corn Silage Hybrids: Modeling Multiple Pools of Ruminal aNDFom Digestion in CNCPS?
Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University
9:20 AM Presentation of Maynard Award
Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University
9:30 AM Break
10:00 AM The Synergy of Choline and Fatty Acids for Optimized Nutrition
Dr. Joe McFadden, Cornell University
10:40 AM Practical Solutions for Year-Round Sheep Milk Production
Ms. Niko Kochendoerfer,  Cornell University (PhD student)
11:20 AM Modeling the Nutrition-Environment Nexus
Dr. Kristan Reed, Cornell University 
11:40 AM Soluble Lignin and Its Relation to Klason Lignin, Acid-Detergent Lignin and Digestibility of NDF
Dr. Peter Van Soest, Cornell University
12:00 PM Lunch
1:20 PM Milk Analysis for Dairy Herd Management: Today and in the Future
Dr. Dave Barbano, Cornell University
2:00 PM Mid-infrared Milk Testing for Evaluation of Health Status in Dairy Cows
Dr. Heather Dann, Miner Institute
2:40 PM Break

The Ron Butler Symposium

3:10 PM Introduction
Dr. Rick Canfield, RCDC
3:15 PM Ron’s Range of Scientific Inquiry
Dr. Matt Lucy, University of Missouri and Dr. Charlie Elrod, Natural Biologics
3:45 PM Ron’s Impact in the Real World Dairy Industry
Dr. Jack Britt, Britt Consulting and Dr. Rick Canfield, RCDC
4:15 PM The Many Facets of Ron’s Influence at Cornell
Dr. Rob Gilbert, Ross University and Dr. Buzz Burhans, Dairy Nutrition and Health
4:45 PM Selected video greetings from Ron’s graduate students and collaborators
Dr. Buzz Burhans, Dairy Nutrition and Health
5:00 PM Presentation of Gift and Introduction of Ron
Dr. Charlie Elrod, Natural Biologics
5:15 PM Graduate Student Poster Session
5:15 PM Stations Dinner in honor of Dr. Ron Butler

Thursday, October 18, 2018

6:30 AM Breakfast, Sponsored By
6:45 AM Arm and Hammer Animal Nutrition Sponsored Breakfast Presentation:
Creating a Resilient Herd Against the Microorganisms That Will Rob You of Productivity
Dr. Elliott Block, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production
8:05 AM Welcome
8:10 AM Of Cows and Men: Reviewing the Link Between Dairy Fat and Human Health
Dr. Eduardo Rico, Cornell University
8:40 AM Potential of Nutrients in Coping with Environmental Stress
Dr. Xingen Lei, Cornell University
9:10 AM Charlie Sniffen Graduate Research Presentation, Sponsored by Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health
Dietary Management of Hypocalcemia Through the Use of a Synthetic Zeolite A
Ms. Allison Kerwin, Cornell University (PhD student)
9:40 AM Break
10:10 AM The Bovine Milk Proteome: What’s In It and How Can It Be Manipulated?
Dr. Sabrina Greenwood, University of Vermont
10:40 AM Optimizing Productivity from Pasture Based Systems – Quantification of Nutritional Limitations
Mr. Michael Dineen, Cornell University (PhD student)
11:10 AM Creating a Nutrient Sustainability Stamp for Dairies Nationwide
Dr. Quirine Ketterings and Mart Ros, Cornell University (Post-Doctoral Associate)
11:40 AM Precision Feeding - Potential and On-Farm Results
Dr. Larry Chase, Cornell University
12:20 PM Adjourn

Post-Conference Symposium Sponsored By

AB Vista logo

"Unlocking the Energy Potential of Fiber"

12:15 PM Post-Conference Symposium Lunch
1:00 PM Welcome
Dr. Ousama Alzahal, AB Vista
1:10 PM The Importance of Optimizing Fiber Utilization
Dr. Derek McIlmoyle, AB Vista
1:30 PM Innovations to Create New Nutritional Value from Fiber
Dr. Tim McAllister, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2:10 PM The Importance of Fiber as a Source of Energy During the Transition Period
Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University
2:50 PM Impact of Improved Fiber Utilization on Performance
Dr. Mary Beth de Ondarza, Paradox Nutrition LLC
3:30 PM Bringing the Lab to the Farm: Advances in NIR Technology
Chris Piotrowski, AB Vista