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CNC Agenda

2020 Conference Agenda

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Time Session
Monday, October 19

Virtual Pre-Conference Symposium Sponsored by Elanco Animal HealthElanco company logo

Maximizing Milk Fat on the Dairy

10:00 AM Introductions
10:10 AM New Insights in Milk Fat Research and Reviewing our Progress
Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University
11:00 AM Managing the Diet to Control Ruminal Fatty Acid-Microbial Interactions That Reduce Milk Fat Synthesis
Dr. Tom Jenkins, Clemson University
11:50 AM Virtual Lunch Break
12:10 PM Use of An On-Farm Application to Maximize Milk Fat Production: What We Have Learned
Dr. Darren McGee, Elanco Animal Health
12:55 PM Our Food Industry Today: Issues and Opportunities
Dr. Sara Place, Elanco Animal Health
1:40 PM General Q&A with All Speakers
1:55 PM Daily Wrap-Up
2:00 PM Conclude
Tuesday, October 20
10:00 AM Daily Welcome
10:05 AM Platinum Sponsor Session, presented by Kemin Animal Nutrition & HealthKemin logo
Nutraceuticals: An Alternative Strategy for the Use of Antimicrobials
Dr. Michael Ballou, Texas Tech University
10:45 AM Bacterial Inoculants for Optimizing Silage Quality and Preservation and Enhancing Animal Performance
Dr. Adegbola Adesogan, University of Florida
11:25 AM Impact of Daily and Seasonal Rhythms in Maximizing Milk Production
Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University
12:05 PM Virtual Lunch Break
12:25 PM Relationships Between Starch and Physically Effective and Undegraded Fiber in Lactating Cows
Katie Smith (MS candidate) and Dr. Rick Grant
12:55 PM Empowering United States Broiler Production for Transformation and Sustainability: A Large USDA Project Led by University of Arkansas and Cornell University
Dr. Xingen Lei, Cornell University
1:25 PM Dietary Sugars for Optimizing Rumen Function and Dairy Cow Performance
Dr. Mary Beth de Ondarza, Paradox Nutrition
1:55 PM Daily Wrap-Up
2:00 PM Conclude
Wednesday, October 21
10:00 AM Daily Welcome
10:05 AM Daily Rollercoaster of Blood and Milk Metrics
Dr. Dave Barbano, Cornell University and Dr. Jessica McArt, Cornell University
10:45 AM From Membrane Biophysics to the Farm: Applications of Fatty Acid and Monoglyceride Chemistry to Animal Health
Dr. Charlie Elrod, Natural Biologics, Inc.
11:25 AM Modeling the Effect of Social Environment on Dry Matter Intake: Time Budget Behaviors and Stocking Density
Dr. Michael Miller, Trouw Nutrition
11:55 AM Virtual Lunch Break
12:25 PM Advances in the Determination of Nutrient Requirements of the Pre-Weaned Dairy Calf
Dr. Rodrigo Molano, Cornell University
12:55 PM Gut Health Challenges: How Do We Feed to Improve Intestinal Integrity and Growth in Calves?
Dr. Sarah Morrison, Miner Institute
1:25 PM Organic Acid and Plant Botanical Supplementation in Dairy Cattle
Ananda Fontoura, Cornell University (PhD candidate)
1:55 PM Daily Wrap-Up
2:00 PM Conclude
Thursday, October 22
10:00 AM Daily Welcome
10:05 AM Graduate Student Research Spotlights
  • Exploratory Analysis of Haylage Quality Variability at Harvest - Jorge Barrientos-Blanco (PhD Candidate)
  • Resolving the Postpartum Kinetics of Colostrum IgG & Novel Gut Absorption Biomarkers to Optimize Colostrum Feeding - Kasey Schalich (PhD Candidate)
  • Associations Between Haptoglobin and Cow and Herd Level Outcomes - Allison Kerwin (PhD Candidate)
  • Evaluating Nutritive Value of Alfalfa with Meadow Fescue Varieties for Optimal Quality in Dairy Production Systems - Rink Tacoma-Fogal (PhD Candidate)
10:45 AM Charlie Sniffen Graduate Research Presentation, sponsored by Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health
Impact of energy on amino acid requirements of lactating cows
Andrew LaPierre, Cornell University (PhD candidate)
11:25 AM Trimethylamine N-oxide in Humans and Dairy Cows: Should We Be Concerned?
Dr. Joe McFadden, Cornell University
12:05 PM Virtual Lunch Break
12:25 PM Update on DCAD for Dry and Lactating Cows
Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University
12:55 PM Milk Urea Nitrogen: Precision, Accuracy and Individual Animal Variability
Dr. Kristan Reed, Cornell University
1:25 PM Reducing Feed Costs While Maintaining Milk and Milk Component Production
Dr. Larry Chase, Cornell University
1:55 PM Daily Wrap-Up
2:00 PM Conclude