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Basic Shortcourse Agenda

Registration will open at 12:30 p.m. on Monday with sessions beginning at 1:00 p.m.  Sessions will conclude at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday.

2019 Course Agenda

You may receive 2.05 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Cornell University School of Continuing Education upon completion of all sessions of this program. If you wish to be awarded CEUs, please contact Heather Darrow.

Time Session
12:30 Registration
1:00 Overview of course -- Tom Overton
Introduction of course faculty and participants
Introduction to Miner Institute – Rick Grant
1:15 Agronomic considerations for forage production and quality – Joe Lawrence
2:30 Silage fermentation and microbiology – Pascal Drouin
3:00 Break
3:30 Practical aspects of silage management – Larry Chase
4:30 Feeding higher forage rations – Larry Chase
5:15 Adjourn
6:30 Beverages and BBQ dinner at Miner Institute
Miner Museum open
8:00 Integrating feed bunk management and cow behavior – Rick Grant
9:00 Ruminal function and metabolism – Sabrina Greenwood
10:00 Break
10:15 Carbohydrate fermentation and nutrition – focus on fiber – Rick Grant
11:15 Carbohydrate fermentation and nutrition – focus on starch – Heather Dann
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Protein and amino acid nutrition – Mike Van Amburgh
2:45 Break
3:15 Fat and fatty acids in dairy nutrition – Tom Overton
4:00 Nutrition and milk components - Tom Overton
5:00 Adjourn
5:30 Optional CNCPS discussion session at Miner (Van Amburgh, Overton, Chase, Grant) or dinner on own
8:00 Calf nutrition and management
9:00 Heifer nutrition and management – Mike Van Amburgh
10:00 Break
10:30 Nutrition and environmental considerations - Kristan Reed
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Water quality in dairy nutrition – Rick Grant
2:00 Travel to Miner Institute Dairy Center
2:20 Overview of Miner Institute Dairy Center – Steve Couture and Anna Pape
2:30 Round-robins (30 min each) -- Miner Institute Dairy Center
  • Forage assessment, sampling and particle size, TMR management - Larry Chase and Kristan Reed
  • New technologies in dairy nutrition and management (rumination tags, milk analysis) – Heather Dann
  • Herd-level evaluation – Rick Grant and Tom Overton
  • Calf management - Sarah Morrison
5:00 Adjourn
6:30 Group dinner at Valcour Brewing Company
(49 Ohio Ave., Plattsburgh, NY 12903)
8:00 Minerals and vitamins – Larry Chase
8:45 Feeding and managing the dry cow – Tom Overton
9:45 Break
10:00 Feeding and managing the fresh cow – Heather Dann
11:00 Transition cow diagnostics – Tom Overton
12:00 Course evaluation
12:15 Adjourn (Boxed lunches provided)

Course faculty

Larry Chase, Cornell University
Heather Dann, Miner Institute
Pascal Drouin, Lallemand/Miner Institute
Rick Grant, Miner Institute
Sabrina Greenwood, University of Vermont
Joe Lawrence, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY
Sarah Morrison, Miner Institute
Tom Overton, Cornell University
Kristan Reed, Cornell University
Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University