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Kudos & Awards

Past Awards

Conor McCabeConor McCabe, '18,

has recently been selected as president of the American Dairy Science Association’s (ADSA) Student Affiliate Division. He’s the first Cornell student to hold this prestigious national office.   He will be working closely with the professors and dairy industry professionals on the board to plan the undergraduate portion of the national conference, which will be held in Pittsburgh, PA next June. More...

Nicola KochendoerferNicola Kochendoerfer, Graduate Student,

was awarded a grant by NESARE for “Sustainable year-round sheep milking management.” The demand for sheep dairy products is increasing, and this project will investigate the possibility, productivity, and sustainability of milking non-dairy sheep flocks year-round under the STAR accelerated lambing system, a schedule of breeding developed at Cornell, that allows ewes to lamb five times in three years. More...

Heather HusonHeather Huson, Assistant Professor,

won a $10,000 grant for “Uncovering the Genes Regulating Athletic Performance in Alaskan Sled Dogs.” from the Affinito-Stewart Grants Program. The program, administered by the President’s Council of Cornell Women (PCCW), aims to increase the long-term retention of women on the Cornell faculty by supporting the completion of research important in the tenure process. More...

Chris Posbergh, Graduate Student,

is the winner of the 2016 Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial scholarship.  Posbergh’s research project is Increasing Efficiency in Sheep Production Using Genetics. Specifically, he has two objectives: to identify genetic variants responsible for mature body size, and to identify genetic variants responsible for out of season lambing. More...

Mike Van Amburgh awardDr. Mike Van Amburgh, Professor,

was honored by North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge for his work expanding the scope of the national competition. Van Amburgh received the inaugural Dairy Challenge Founders Award in April for his efforts establishing the Dairy Challenge Academy.   More...

Annabelle Beaver, Graduate Student,

won a Fulbright Award to the Netherlands. She will be will be working with Wageningen University on developing mathematical models to study the infection dynamics of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis on dairy farms.

Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Professor

- is the recipient of the 2016 NACTA (North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture) Award.

Sarah Lyons, Graduate Student

1/11/2016 - took 1st place in Graduate Student Oral Presentations at the NE Plant, Pest and Soils Conference (NEPPSC) held in Philadelphia.  In addition, Rachel Breslauer, Undergraduate Senior in Agricultural Sciences major, working with Dr. Ketterings on her honors thesis,  won "Outstanding Senior Student".

Dr. Quirine Ketterings - Soil Science Society of America Fellow

6/22/2015 - formal presentation will be at the SSSA Awards Ceremony on 11/18/15 during the International Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Michael Thonney - Washington State University Award

4/10/2015 - Awarded the Distinguished Graduate in Science, Education, and Technology.

Physiology Graduate Competition - Poultry Science

Claire Stephens, graduate student, won the Physiology Graduate Competition for her presentation at the Poultry Science meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Cornelia Channing Award at the SSR Meeting

Fernando Migone and Claire Stephens, graduate students, were finalists for the Cornelia Channing Award at the SSR Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Quirine Ketterings - 2014 American Society of Agronomy Award

MADISON, WI, Jul 07, 2014 – The annual awards are presented for outstanding contributions to agronomy through education, national and international service, and research.   More...

CALS Awards 2014 - Undergraduates

Elizabeth LeBow & Morgan Feldman, CALS Academic Excellence
Kimberly McHenry - Academic Excellence in a Double Major (Animal Science & Biological Sciences)

CALS Awards 2014 - Faculty

Jerrie Gavalchin

Jerrie Gavalchin 

Donald C. Burgett Distinguished Advisor Award
(Chosen by the Senior Class)

Vimal Selvaraj

Vimal Selvaraj 

Professor of Merit
(Chosen by the Senior Class)

John Parks

John Parks

CALS Edgerton Career Teaching Award, This award is to honor a meritorious faculty member who has, throughout a long and continuous career, provided outstanding teaching and advising for students.


November 2013 - Pat Johnson, Professor and Chair, has been elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's largest general scientific society and publisher of the journal Science. Read more in the Cornell Chronicle...

October 2013 - Kristin Davis, Maris McCarthy and Xi Yan, were 2013 recipients of the Maynard Award which were presented at the Cornell Nutrition Conference.

September 2013 - Dan Brown, Associate Professor, has recommended ways to reduce contamination of peanuts, a staple crop in the developing world. Jeremy Schwartzbord, PhD Candidate, is currently working on this project in Haiti thanks to a grant from the U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security Program. Read more in the Cornell Chronicle...

August 2013 - Matthew Barcus & Natasha Pettifor, graduate students, have been awarded 2013 Graduate Student Grants form NESARE. Read more...

July 2013 - Shona Ort (Animal Science, '13) received the Outstanding Senior Award, and Emmaline Long, graduate student, took 2nd (oral presentation) and 3rd place (poster) in the graduate student competition at the 2013 NEBCSA Annual Meeting. Read more...

June 2013 - Xingen Lei, , Professor, was selected as the 2013 ASAS Bouffault International Animal Agriculture Award recipient.

May 2013 - Jeremy Schwartzbord, graduate student, won a U.S. Borlaug Fellowship in Global Food Security as part of CIMMYT's Feed the Future 21st Century Leadership Program. This fellowship provides funding for his project: "Elucidation of Aflatoxin Exposure among Rural Haitians & Acceptability of Peanut-Based Animal Feed for Farmers" Read more...

April 2013 - Jerrie Gavalchin, Associate Professor, received the 2013 Professor of Merit Award and
Debbie Cherney, Associate Professor, received the SUNY Award for Excellence in Teaching at the Dean's Awards Reception on 04/22/2013.


November 2012 - CALS Research & Extension Awards - For Outstanding Accomplishments in:
Applied Research: Quirine Ketterings,
Extension/Outreach (Individual): Larry Chase,
Extension/Outreach (Team): Dana Palmer, Jean Griffiths, Debbie Grusenmeyer, tatiana Stanton, & Tro Bui

September 2012 - David M. Galton, Professor, who spearheaded the nationally recognized Cornell University Dairy Fellows program and was instrumental in the growth of the northeast U.S. dairy industry, has been named the 2012 National Dairy Shrine Guest of Honor.

September 2012 - Ikhide Imumorin, assistant professor of animal genetics and genomics, was recently awarded a grant from Pfizer Animal Health 2012 Cattle Call Grant Program to study improved growth in beef cattle through genetics.

September 2012 - Keenan McRoberts, graduate student, has been awarded a six- month Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Award.

June 2012 - Ryan Higgs, graduate student, has been awarded the 2012 "National Dairy Leadership Scholarship" from the National Milk Producers Federation.

June 2012 - Fernando Migone, graduate student, recently won 2nd place at the Reproductive & Developmental Genomics Retreat for his oral presentation on "Identification of vascular changes required for ovulation using multiphoton microscopy".

June 2012 - Fernando Migone & Rajni Singh, graduate students, have been recognized as Outstanding Teaching Assistants for 2011-2012 by CALS.

May 2012 - Xingen Lei,Professor, was awarded the 2012 Milton L. Sunde Award by the American Society of Nutrition in recognition of the study: The Selenium Deficiency Disease Exudative Diathesis in Chicks is Associated with Downregulation of Seven Common Selenoprotein Genes in Liver and Muscle. J. Nutrition 141(9):1605-10

March 2012 - Jeannie Griffiths, Extension Associate, was honored at the American Youth Horse Council Symposium with the 2012 AYHC "Distinguished Service Award", in recognition of outstanding service, vision, innovation, and leadership to the youth-horse industry.

April 2012 - Mike Van Amburgh, Associate Professor, was selected to receive the Donald C. Burgett Distinguished Advisor Award based on the nomination of the Senior Class.

April 2012 - Debbie Cherney, Associate Professor, was selected as one this year's winners of the Kendall S. Carpenter Memorial Advising Awards.

March 2012 - Dave Galton, Professor, was honored with the Richard Popp Memorial Leadership Award recently at the 2012 Northeast Dairy Producers Association Conference.

March 2012 - Jordan Fisher and Daniel Durfee, Animal Science undergrads, were honored with prestigious scholarship awards provided by the family of Richard Popp recently at the 2012 NEDPA Conference. Both are Seniors and active in Cornell Dairy Fellows and Dairy Science Club (CUDS). Both have exhibited leadership and excellence through participation in several work-related internships in the industry, as well as educational trips within the U.S. and abroad.


November 2011 - Tro Bui received the NYSACAA In-House Award from the NYS Assoc. of County Ag. Agents recognizing people within the CCE system who have shown outstanding help and support for county agriculture agents and campus Extension associates.

November 2011 - Bruce Berggren-Thomas, Teaching Support Specialist, received the CALS Core Value Staff Award for "being an impeccable technician and dedicated team player who is continually willing to go above and beyond to help others."

October 2011 - Jeannie Griffiths, Extension Associate, received the Award of Merit from the NYS Association of Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Educators at their annual conference in Syracuse in October.

October 2011 - Mike Thonney, Professor, was awarded “Shepherd of the Year” award by the Empire Sheep Producers Association. Mike was recognized for all of his efforts in the NYS sheep industry as well as across the country, including many organized trainings for sheep producers.

October 2011 - Dana Palmer, Sr. Extension Associate, and April Winslow, 4-H Community Educator (Madison) & NYS Horse Events Coordinator, were among NYS representatives honored with State and National Distinguished Service Awards at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents Annual Conference awards.

October 2011 - Quirine M. Ketterings, Associate Professor, is a member of the team of researchers selected to receive the first Mid-Atlantic Regional Educational Institution and Federal Laboratory Partnership award this year for their work with on manure application/injection studies. See the video.

September 2011 - Peter Van Soest, Professor Emeritus, has been honored as a pioneer in the dairy industry by the National Dairy Shrine. His portrait will be permanently displayed in the national Dairy Shrine Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wis. Van Soest is recognized world-wide for his contributions in developing a more accurate evaluation of the nutritional values of feeds and food, specifically fiber in forages and feeds.

July 2011 - Ann Staiger, graduate student, won first prize in the Genetics Section at the Equine Science Society meeting this summer for her presentation "Morphometric traits in gaited breeds of horse: Potential future targets for mapping".

July 2011 - W. Ron Butler, Professor & Dept. Chair, received the Pfizer Animal Health Physiology Award from the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) in July, recognizing outstanding research. The goal of his research is to combine dietary strategies & technology for enhancing reproductive efficiency, health, & profitability in dairy cattle.

July 2011 - Dale Bauman, Professor, received the Elanco Award for Excellence in Dairy Science from the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) in recognition of his outstanding research in dairy production.

July 2011 - Quirine M. Ketterings, Associate Professor, and Emma Long, undergraduate student, both received awards at the NEBCSA meetings in Chesapeake Beach recently. Emma received the Outstanding Senior Award and Quirine received the Extension Industry Award.

May 2011 - Peter VanSoest, Emeritus Professor, was recognized as a "Game Changer" with the 1st Excellence in Ruminant Nutrition Award. Dr. VanSoest laid the groundwork for modern rumen nutrition through his detergent system for fiber analysis. This comprehensive system of feed analysis has been implemented worldwide, transforming the nutritional management of ruminants. Read more...

May 2011 - Kristin Gill & Rick Watters, graduate students, were recognized as Outstanding Teaching Assistants for 2010-2011 by CALS at a recognition luncheon.

May 2011 - Vimal Selvaraj, Assistant Professor, has been awarded the Lonza 4D Nucleofector Grant Award for "Determination of factors for reprogramming astrocytes to neurons".

April 2011 - Matthew Bull, Samuel Fessenden, Corey Kayhart and Jason McNamara, with coach Michael Van Amburgh, won the highest award of Platinum in the 10th annual Dairy Challenge. Each of the undergraduates was presented with a $200 scholarship award. Read Press Release

February 2011 - Dr. Dale E. Bauman received the “Pioneers in Nutrition” Award at the 26th Southwest Nutrition Conference held February 24th and 25th in Tempe, AZ. The award was in recognition of Bauman’s contribution to understanding metabolic regulation in domestic animals. The citation read “These contributions have had far reaching impacts on animal agriculture and have altered our understanding of nutrient utilization in production animals. In particular, they have been foundational to our development and application of new technologies for animal agriculture as well as understanding the basis for continued genetic selection for increased production.”


December 2010 - Larry Chase, Professor, was recently awarded the "In-House Extension Service Award" from the New York State Association of County Agricultural Agents.

11/5/2010 - Dave Galton, Professor received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the CALS Alumni Association. Read More ...

11/1/2010 - The ProDairy Group recently received the Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension/Outreach for 2010. These awards recognize a broad range of accomplishments contributing to the realization of the CALS vision: “To be the preeminent college for research, teaching and extension of agriculture and life sciences, developing leaders to address the global challenges of the 21st century.”

10/20/2010 - Laurie A. Winkelman and Emiliano Raffrenato are this year’s recipients of the Maynard Award which were presented on 10/20 at the Cornell Nutrition Conference.

10/2/2010 - Recent PhD graduate Anne O'Donnell-Megaro has accepted a position as a Congressional Science Fellow in Washington. See the official announcement.

9/28/2010 - The Animal Science Graduate Field has been included in the top 10 range of rankings in a comprehensive national study of research doctorate programs sponsored by the National Research Council (NRC).     Read More ...

7/15/2010 - Mike VanAmburgh, Associate Professor, received the Dairy Nutrition Research Award at the recent ADSA meeting in Denver, Colorado. The award is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association. The award recognized Mike for his outstanding research contributions to the dairy industry in the areas of growth and development of dairy replacement animals, ruminant nitrogen use, and modeling feed chemistry and components present in dairy rations using the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Proteins System, or CNCPS. Mike also received the Teaching Award in Dairy Production at the ADSA Meeting in Denver, Colorado. This award is sponsored by Land O’Lakes, Purina Feed LLC and recognizes outstanding ability demonstrated by an undergraduate teacher of dairy science in a university program.

7/15/2010 - At the same meeting, Katie Schoenberg, graduate student, won 2nd place in Student Poster Presentation, Production Division for PhD students & Melanie Soberon, graduate student, won 3rd place in the Graduate Student Paper Contest (Northeast Section of ADSA/ ASAS) for her presentation on the "Digestive fate of free ferulic acid in lactating dairy cows".

4/27/2010 - Animal Science Undergraduates, Margaret Dunn & Rachel Hatch were two of the CALS Academic Excellence Award winners this year.

4/14/2010 - Breanna Fulper '11, Brett Feldpausch '10, Chad Wall '11 and Shane Reynolds '10, coached by Mike Van Amburgh took home 1 of 4 first place platinum awards from the 9th annual Dairy Challenge on April 14, 2010 Each team member received a $200 scholarship.