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Kudos & Awards

Past Awards

Christian PosberghChristian Posbergh, Graduate Student

was recognized as an Outstanding CALS Graduate Teaching Assistant by the Office of Academic Programs at a ceremony held May 11 in the Biotechnology Building.

Joe McFaddenJoe McFadden, Assistant Professor

was the recipient of the "Outstanding Recent Graduate Alumni Award" from the Department of Dairy Science and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech.

Nikola KochendoerferNiko Kochendoerfer , Graduate Student,

was one of 11 graduate students in the U.S. selected to present their research at the SARE “Our Farms Our Future Conference” in St. Louis. For her SARE project, traditional meat sheep are being milked in short and frequent lactations on the STAR accelerated lambing system utilizing their out of season breeding ability and high peak milk yields to evaluate the feasibility of year-round sheep dairying. 

Pat JohnsonPat Johnson, Professor and Chair,

is the winner of the 2018 Dean’s Award for Professor of Merit. The recipient of this award is selected annually by the graduating senior class to recognize an outstanding instructor in the College who goes above and beyond to foster and support student learning both in and out of the classroom.  Pat will be honored at the 2018 Dean’s Awards Dinner on Monday, April 16th.

Chris PosberghChris Posbergh, Graduate Student,

was awarded the Engaged Graduate Student Grant on March 23 for “Chasing Colors: Engaging shepherds to identify genomic changes responsible for color variation in sheep”.

Asha MilesCongratulations to Maynard Award Recipients

This year’s winners are Michael Dineen (working with Mike Van Amburgh), Niko Kochendoerfer (working with Mike Thonney), Maureen Valentine (working with Debbie Cherney), and Sarah Lyons (working with Quirine Ketterings). 

Asha MilesAsha Miles, Graduate Student,

was awarded a 2018 National Mastitis Council Scholar which will fund her attendance to the 2018 National Mastitis Council Annual Meeting. She also had her research highlighted in the Hoard’s Dairyman journal from presenting her poster at the 2017 American Dairy Science Association Meeting.

Cassandra StambukCassandra Stambuk, Graduate Student,

received the Walton – Berry Graduate Student Support grant from the Simmental breed association which funded her trip to Sweden last year for a dairy cattle meeting. She did a write up for their journal documenting what she did during the trip.  More...

Xingen LeiXingen Lei, Professor,

is the winner of the 2017 FASS and the American Feed Industry Association New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award. He will be presented with the award during the 2017 ASAS annual meeting opening session in Baltimore, Maryland.  More...


Quirine Ketterings, Professor,

has been selected for the Carl Sprengel Agronomic Research Award from the Agronomy Society of America. This award will be presented at a ceremony in Tampa, Florida in October. 

Vimal SelvarajVimal Selvaraj, Associate Professor,

was the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. He was recognized during the Dean's Awards Reception on Monday, April 17, 2017 in the Carrier Ballroom of the Statler Hotel.


Mike VanAmburgMike Van Amburgh, Professor,

was a recipients of the Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowship, given by the Cornell Board of Trustees. Mike was cited for his passion for his subject and engaging and interactive lectures that have made his animal science courses popular beyond his department and college; for his concern for students, those he advises and those he supervises in his laboratory; and his willingness to meet with incoming students before they enter Cornell.

Mike ThonneyMike Thonney, Professor,

was presented with the "William J. Boylan Distinguished Service Award" by the Dairy Sheep Association of North America. The award is in recognition of truly significant contributions to the growth of the dairy sheep industry of North America and beyond.

Quirine KetteringQuirine Ketterings, Professor,

won the CALS Outstanding Accomplishment in Extension/Outreach Award. Quirine and her collaborators have built an applied research and extension program in nutrient management and soil fertility that is among the very best in the United States. Her nutrient management program is a driving force for sustainable agriculture, with documented impact on nutrient use in New York farms. 

Conor McCabeConor McCabe, '18,

has recently been selected as president of the American Dairy Science Association’s (ADSA) Student Affiliate Division. He’s the first Cornell student to hold this prestigious national office.   He will be working closely with the professors and dairy industry professionals on the board to plan the undergraduate portion of the national conference, which will be held in Pittsburgh, PA next June. More...

Nicola KochendoerferNicola Kochendoerfer, Graduate Student,

was awarded a grant by NESARE for “Sustainable year-round sheep milking management.” The demand for sheep dairy products is increasing, and this project will investigate the possibility, productivity, and sustainability of milking non-dairy sheep flocks year-round under the STAR accelerated lambing system, a schedule of breeding developed at Cornell, that allows ewes to lamb five times in three years.

Heather HusonHeather Huson, Assistant Professor,

won a $10,000 grant for “Uncovering the Genes Regulating Athletic Performance in Alaskan Sled Dogs.” from the Affinito-Stewart Grants Program. The program, administered by the President’s Council of Cornell Women (PCCW), aims to increase the long-term retention of women on the Cornell faculty by supporting the completion of research important in the tenure process. More...

Chris Posbergh, Graduate Student,

is the winner of the 2016 Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial scholarship.  Posbergh’s research project is Increasing Efficiency in Sheep Production Using Genetics. Specifically, he has two objectives: to identify genetic variants responsible for mature body size, and to identify genetic variants responsible for out of season lambing.

Mike Van Amburgh awardDr. Mike Van Amburgh, Professor,

was honored by North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge for his work expanding the scope of the national competition. Van Amburgh received the inaugural Dairy Challenge Founders Award in April for his efforts establishing the Dairy Challenge Academy.   More...

Annabelle Beaver, Graduate Student,

won a Fulbright Award to the Netherlands. She will be will be working with Wageningen University on developing mathematical models to study the infection dynamics of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis on dairy farms.

Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Professor

- is the recipient of the 2016 NACTA (North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture) Award.

Sarah Lyons, Graduate Student

1/11/2016 - took 1st place in Graduate Student Oral Presentations at the NE Plant, Pest and Soils Conference (NEPPSC) held in Philadelphia.  In addition, Rachel Breslauer, Undergraduate Senior in Agricultural Sciences major, working with Dr. Ketterings on her honors thesis,  won "Outstanding Senior Student".

Dr. Quirine Ketterings - Soil Science Society of America Fellow

6/22/2015 - formal presentation will be at the SSSA Awards Ceremony on 11/18/15 during the International Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Michael Thonney - Washington State University Award

4/10/2015 - Awarded the Distinguished Graduate in Science, Education, and Technology.

Physiology Graduate Competition - Poultry Science

Claire Stephens, graduate student, won the Physiology Graduate Competition for her presentation at the Poultry Science meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Cornelia Channing Award at the SSR Meeting

Fernando Migone and Claire Stephens, graduate students, were finalists for the Cornelia Channing Award at the SSR Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Quirine Ketterings - 2014 American Society of Agronomy Award

MADISON, WI, Jul 07, 2014 – The annual awards are presented for outstanding contributions to agronomy through education, national and international service, and research.   More...

CALS Awards 2014 - Undergraduates

Elizabeth LeBow & Morgan Feldman, CALS Academic Excellence
Kimberly McHenry - Academic Excellence in a Double Major (Animal Science & Biological Sciences)

CALS Awards 2014 - Faculty

Jerrie Gavalchin

Jerrie Gavalchin 

Donald C. Burgett Distinguished Advisor Award
(Chosen by the Senior Class)

Vimal Selvaraj

Vimal Selvaraj 

Professor of Merit
(Chosen by the Senior Class)

John Parks

John Parks

CALS Edgerton Career Teaching Award, This award is to honor a meritorious faculty member who has, throughout a long and continuous career, provided outstanding teaching and advising for students.