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J. Eduardo Rico-Navarrete

Eduardo Rico

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

226 Morrison Hall

Globally, I am interested in investigating the potential of dietary manipulations to modulate metabolism, health and production performance. My recent work has focused in using mass spectrometry-based lipidomics to unveil the roles of sphingolipids in the development of insulin resistance in dairy cows, and to identify metabolic fingerprints defining normal and pathological trajectories of lipid metabolism during the transition from gestation to lactation. To achieve this, we have utilized both in vivo and in vitro approaches centered on lipid metabolism in key organs (e.g. liver, and adipose tissue) and its relation to insulin action. More recently, we have applied lipidomics to study the effects of nutritional interventions on markers of metabolic health in humans. Moving forward, I am interested in exploring the potential of nutritional manipulation to dairy cow diets to modulate milk composition and its nutraceutical potential.