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Kathryn Barrett

Kathryn Barrett

Senior Extension Associate

B29 Morrison Hall
(607) 229-4357

Outreach and Extension Focus

Dairy Farm Advisor Skills Training-DairyFAST.
Agriservice professionals play a key role in disseminating information to dairy producers. As farmers implement management practices and appropriate technology they turn to agriservice professionals for information and advice. The DairyFAST program provides a cohesive professional development program for agriservice professionals to enable them to have a positive impact on their farm clientele.

Spanish Dairy Management Webinar Series.
This program delivers dairy cow management education for farmers and employees in Spanish.

Thursday Dairy Update Weekly Webinar series. This program provides producers and agri-service people weekly updates on current dairy production research. Best management strategies that increase farm profitability and quality of life are presented. The use of online technology enables farmers to efficiently access to this information.

As regional extension staff has decreased the need to efficiently and effectively use staff time and resources has increased. Sharing successful programs across the region offers an opportunity to reach more producers with the limited staff available.
Program Objective:
The Shared Regional Dairy Program effort facilitates the implementation of highly effective programs that are developed in one area to be offered across the State. A small group of dairy specialists met and are piloting this effort. Four short courses have been offered to date with 202 participants.

Effective use of the business and production management tools is a major barrier to profit and production growth of dairy farms in New York. The focus of this project is to create a new program designed to promote more effective use of these tools and enhancement of the dairy industry in New York through the creation of a number of discussion groups that represent the diversity in both geography and production management system that characterizes the New York dairy industry. Agribusiness professionals and extension educators have been recruited as group coordinators and have formed dairy farmer discussion groups that self-identify specific goals for their groups that are consistent with the overall goals for their farms.