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Larry Chase

Larry Chase


272 Morrison Hall
(607) 255-2196

My overall program is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of New York dairy farms. Ths is approached conducting research amd providing information to adjust dairy cattle rations. These adjustments are targeted to improve the efficiency of nutrient use within the animal and decrease nutrient excretion to the environment. One tool used to do this is the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System(CNCPS) model. The current primary research focus is on nitrogen use and metabolism.

Research Focus

- To identify nutritional strategies an factors that will enhance the efficiency of nitrogen use in the animal.
- To refine the biology within the CNCPS model to improve field application
- To conduct field research on commercial dairy herds on the efficiency of feed nitrogen use
- To use the CNCPS model to assess the potential to lower ammonia emissions in dairy herds by altering ration crude protein levels and improving the efficiency of N use
-To evaluate the milk urea nitrogen prediction equation in the CNCPS program and refine it if needed.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Dairy cattle nutrition and management

Provide (1) training and support to the industry in use of the CNCPS model; and (2) training, materials and support to feed industry professionals on dairy cattle nutrition.

Teaching Focus

- To provide an understanding of the basic concepts of dairy cattle nutrition and management

Presentations and Activities

  • Milk protein: formulating for low protein diets. ADSA Discover Conference 22 Milk Components: Maximizing Farm Gate Returns and Meeting Manufacturing Needs. October 2011. American Dairy Science Association. Itasca, IL.