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Vimal Selvaraj

Vimal Selvaraj

Associate Professor

204 Morrison Hall
(607) 255-6138

Vimal Selvaraj is the Associate Professor of Integrative Physiology at the Department of Animal Science. Dr. Selvaraj’s professional training started with a veterinary degree, followed by research in immunology (masters), reproductive biology (doctorate) and neuroscience/regenerative medicine (postdoc). His research interests fall under a broad umbrella ranging from molecular to organismal biology – resulting in three key directions. (1) Exploring basic biology of mitochondrial function in relation to disease, pluripotency and cancer. (2) Developing practical applications from bovine pluripotent stem cells. (3) Sustainable production of alternative feed sources for livestock. Dr. Selvaraj teaches the introductory undergraduate animal science course (BIOAP 1100: Domestic Animal Biology) and also a research presentation series for graduate students (ANSC 6220: Graduate Student Research Updates).

Teaching Focus

Prof. Selvaraj teaches a course that serves to introduce the field of animal biology (ANSC 1100: Domestic Animal Biology). In this course, students learn fundamental information on comparative functional anatomy and physiology of livestock, companion animals and poultry. The laboratory component of this course provides opportunities for hands-on examination of bovine and chicken anatomy. The basic farm component (Ezra’s Farm) provides a hands-on activity for students to expose them to preliminary aspects of animal care and management. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of animal biology that will be essential for further training in both basic and applied fields relevant to careers in animal science, veterinary medicine and biology.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications