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Faculty members in Animal Science conduct research in basic and applied aspects of animal biology.  These are organized in several Areas of Excellence:

  • Food Animal Production Systems
  •  Integrative Animal Biology
  • Equine and Companion Animal Biology and Society
  • International Animal Agriculture

Examples of Recent and Ongoing Research Projects

Faculty member Project
Baker, Michael
  • Development and implementation of marketing programs, carcass evaluation and production management systems for beef farms typical of the northeast.
  • An Educational Program For Traditional And Non-Traditional Beef Production
  • Beef Price And Market Analysis
  • Beef Cattle Website
Boisclair, Yves
  • Reversal Of Obesogenic Programming In Newborns Via Formula Fortified With Nr
  • Regulation Of The Novel Fibroblast Growth Factor-21 And Its Role In Coordinating Lipid Metabolism In Early Lactating Dairy Cows
  • Regulation And Role Of The Insulin-Sensitizing Hormone Adiponectin In Transition Dairy Cows
  • Adiponectin In Transition Cows
Brown, Dan
  • Elucidation Of Aflatoxin Exposure Among Rural Haitians And Acceptability Of Peanut-Based Animal Feed For Farmers
  • Diversion Of Mycotoxins From The Haitian Food Chain At Several Critical Points
Butler, W. Ronald
  • Phenotypic And Genomic Database Creation For Cattle In Industry Populations
  • Reproduction In Cows
Cherney, Debbie
  • Pre and Post-Harvest Evaluation of Alfalfa-Grass in Mixed Stands for Maximizing Results
  • Meadow Fescue-Alfalfa Mixtures for Improved Forage Quality
  • Alfalfa-grass management to maximize milk production from dairy cattle
Czymmek, Karl
  • Winter Forages
Giordano, Julio
  • Impact Of Rumination And Activity Monitoring With The Hr System For Identification Of Postpartum Health Disorders On Dairy Cow Health And Profitability
  • Defining Therapeutic Approaches For Lactating Dairy Cows With Low Fertility After Resynchronization Of Ovulation In Commercial Dairy Farms
  • Reproduction In Cows
Gooch, Curt
  • Dairy Manure-Based Anaerobic Digesters
Huson, Heather
  • African Goat Improvement Network (AGIN); genetic characterization and improvement of indigenous goats
  • Identification of the genetic mechanisms underlying mastitis in dairy cattle
  • Genetic characterization of population structure and signatures of selection among global cattle populations using high-density SNP data
  • Identifying genetic mechanisms underlying production, adaptation, and disease traits in livestock
Johnson, Patricia
  • Increasing Reproductive Efficiency in Chickens
Ketterings, Quirine
  • On-Farm Research Partnership: Evaluation Of Manure Injection Equipment Using Yield Monitoring Technology
  • Breaking The Nutrient Management Glass Ceiling: Using Forage Yield Monitors To Improve Nutrient Recycling And Environmental Protection
  • Developing Protocols For A Cover Crop Program In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed In Ny
  • Integrating Nutrient Reduction Tools And Programs In Ny
  • Using Yield Monitors To Measure Alfalfa/Grass Yields And Improve Whole Farm Nutrient Management
  • Potassium And Sulfur Management Of Alfalfa; Farmer Driven Testing Of Management Methods
  • Refining And Harmonizing Phosphorus Indices In The Chesapeake Bay Region To Improve Critical Source Area Identification And To Address Nutrient Management Priorities
  • Greenseeker Technology For Greater Corn Yield And Enhanced Nitrogen Fertilizer Use For Corn
  • Manure Injection
Lei, Xingen
  • Antioxidative Role Of Gpx In Transgenic Mice
  • Removal Of Feather Lipids To Improve Nutritional Value And Processing Of Feathers For Animal Feed
  • Developing A New Generation Of Feed Protein Supplements From Marine Biofuel Production
  • Biofuel Mass As Feed Protein
McFadden, Joseph
  • Evaluate the role of sphingolipid metabolism within the context of obesity, fatty liver disease, and insulin resistance.
  • Define antagonists of hepatic phosphatidylcholine synthesis and triglyceride secretion.
  • Identify nutritional therapies to mitigate fatty liver disease and insulin resistance.
  • McFadden Lab Website
Overton, Thomas
  • Evaluation Of Direct Fed Probiotic Combination On The Milk Yield Performance Of Multiparous, Lactating Dairy Cattle
  • Associations Of Nutritional Strategy And Grouping Management During The Dry Period And Early Lactation With Biomarkers Of Energy Metabolism And Inflammation, Health, Milk Yield, And Reproductive Performance.
  • Manure Technologies
  • Management Systems to Improve Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Enterprises
Quirk, Susan
  • Ovarian follicle development
  • Mechanism of ovulation
Selvaraj, Vimal
  • Pluripotent Stem Cells For The Improvement Of Livestock
  • Bovine Pluripotent Stem Cells
Stanton, Tatiana
  • Forage-Based Parasite Control In Sheep And Goats In The Northeast US
  • Innovative methods of controlling barber pole worms and treating deer worm in small ruminants
Thonney, Michael
  • Effect Of Artificial- Or Natural-Rearing Of Replacement Ewe Lambs On Their Maternal Behaviors
  • Small Ruminant Parasites
Van Amburgh, Michael
  • Early Life Management

Undergraduate Research

Students are encouraged to identify a research area or a faculty member in an area of interest to the student.  Research projects can be pursued for academic credit (AN SCI 4990), most often after the first year.  Students involved in undergraduate research may choose to enroll in the Honors Program as seniors and develop an honors thesis.