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Activities & Events

California 2019

In January, 50 CUDS members continued the tradition of traveling to California to learn more about agriculture on the West Coast. The trip started out in Bakersfield where we were able to visit various dairies, and many of our members witnessed their first dry lot dairies! Along with the dairies we were able to visit various other types of agricultural businesses including vineyards, citrus groves, feedlots, bottling facilities, a cotton mill, carrot farm, the largest almond processor in the world, goat farm, and many cheese producers, including Hilmar Cheese! Along with all of the agricultural stops attendees also had the opportunity to visit some of the places California is best known for, including Muir Woods, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. We sincerely appreciate the businesses that take time out of their busy schedule to host us, as well as those that provide us with meals throughout the week. Special thanks to the DeGroff family for their hospitality!

Harvest Sale 2018

On October 27 we continued our long standing tradition of hosting the Harvest Sale in collaboration with the New York Holstein Association. Club members worked vigorously to take care of and prepare animals for the sale ring. It was a great week of team building, making friendships and welcoming new club members. The sale averaged $2,017 on live lots. Our CUDS Sale team was led by sale chair Christopher Sweeney and co-sale chair Thatcher Mowry. The 2019 NY Harvest Sale will be held on October 26 in the Cornell Livestock Pavilion. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to keep up to date on sale information!