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Community Outreach

Science Center Educational Events

CUDS enjoys volunteering at the Science Center throughout the year. This past spring they hosted a "Moo to You" event in the center and educated families from the Ithaca area on the lifecycle of dairy cattle and how milk makes it to their tables. Noteworthy education stations included what cows eat, butter making, milking machines 101, and of course, chocolate milk samples!

Dairy Cow Birthing Center

This popular event was first held at the Great New York State Fair in August 2013. The New York Animal Agriculture Coalition, partnering with the New York College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, put on an amazing event where 30 calves were born over the 12 days of the fair. This event brought together farmers, agriculture students, veterinarians, and industry professionals to bring the good word to an estimated 60,000 people.  For more information, visit

Harvest Sale Open House

The night before the annual Harvest Sale, CUDS hosted a public open house in the Livestock Pavilion. With some fantastic displays and plenty of member volunteers, over 120 Cornell students and faculty ventured into the barn to see what members are truly passionate about - the cows. Visitors started with the butter making and dairy product station followed by feed stuffs and a red-and-white Holstein to interact with.