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Pre-Vet Peer Mentoring

The Pre-Veterinary Mentors Program is intended to assist all undergraduate pre-veterinary students by serving as a support system for underclassmen and an opportunity to diversify interests and work on vet-school applications as an upperclassmen. The organization is designed to encourage upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) to submit an application to be a mentor. Mentors are then paired with underclassmen that have compatible interests.  Mentors  can assist pre-vet mentees with diversifying and expanding their interests as well as answer questions about the process of applying to vet school. Mentees get the opportunity to check in with their mentors at least once a month to seek their guidance with class selections, job opportunities, and academic and peer support. Various events and socials take place intermittently to bring all mentors and mentees together to share their experiences. In addition to taking on the role as mentors, upperclassmen also get the opportunity to go through vet school application workshops each spring. We review the different types of veterinary schools and programs, opportunities in animal-science related fields, and essay-reviewing. For further questions, please contact Lauren Jacobs at

Officer Contact Information:

President: Miranda Medrano (

Faculty adviser: Dr. Debbie Cherney (