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Officers undertake a task of service and stewardship for the PreVet Society. Annual Elections are held for the 8 positions listed below. These individuals are elected by PVS members, and bear the brunt of the work to make the meetings happen. Responsibilities differ from office to office, but main tasks include fundraising, publicity and recruitment, resource acquisition, scheduling events, and contacting speakers for meetings. Officers are to be open and attentive to the demands of members, and attempt to serve the needs of the society as a whole.

2017 Executive Board

President:   Sam Maloy (sm959)

Vice President:   Sam Li (sl2552)

Secretary:   Jason Michel (jsm422)

Treasurer:   Torre Muhlbach (tpm82)

SCAVMA/PVPMP Liaison & Fundraising Chair: Jackie LaGinestra (jml546)

Publicity Chair:  Emma Bonn (erb242)

Webspace Chair: Michelle Shin (mhs288)

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or ideas!