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BS/DVM Accelerated Program

7-year combined BS/DVM program is a joint program between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell. Details for applying to the program can be found on the College of Veterinary Medicine website. Below are curriculum modifications for students accepted into the BS/DVM program. 

There are no modifications to core coursework. There are also no changes to Appendix I if you
are a sophomore transfer.

Concentration coursework

Students are eligible to pick one of the 4 concentrations. Within each concentration, students
have flexibility to design their course plan selecting categories and courses after discussion with
their advisors. Irrespective of the concentration selected and the flexibility provided, students
will be held to the following requirement:

Animal Physiology and Nutrition

Two of the following if completing Biology requisites* at Cornell
Three of the following if completing Biology requisites* with AP Bio or other transfer credits
ANSC 4410 Nutritional Physiology and Biochemistry 3
ANSC 3300 Fish Physiology (cross-listed BIOAP) 3
ANSC 3400 Comparative Mammalian Reproduction 2
ANSC 3410 Biology of the Mammary Gland in Health and Disease (cross-listed BIOAP) 2
(offered in even- numbered years only)
ANSC 4270 Fundamentals of Endocrinology (cross-listed BIOAP) 3
ANSC 3920 Mechanisms of Animal Growth and Development 2
(offered in odd- numbered years only)

* Refers to courses under “Biology requisites” category in the Pre-veterinary medicine