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Animal Science Major Requirements

Freshman entering study after Fall 2018 should complete coursework in the categories below.  A listing of current courses is updated each semester.

Freshman entering study prior to Fall 2018 and transfer students entering study prior to Fall 2019 should follow alternate requirements.

Core Coursework Categories

Foundational Competency

ANSC 1101 - Contemporary Perspective in Animal Science (1 credit)
BIOAP 1100 - Domestic Animal Biology (4 credits)
ANSC 2120 - Animal Nutrition (4 credits)
ANSC 2210 - Principles of Animal Genetics (4 credits)
ANSC 2400 - Animal Reproduction and Development (3 credits)

Fundamentals of Animal Management

One of the following courses:
ANSC 2500 - Dairy Cattle Principles (3 credits)
ANSC 2650 - Equine Biology and Management (3 credits)
ANSC 3600 - Beef Cattle (3 credits - offered in even- numbered years only)
ANSC 3800 - Sheep (3 credits - offered in odd- numbered years only)
ANSC 3850 - Dairy Sheep Management (3 credits)

Professional Values and Responsibility

ANSC 1105 - Careers in Animal Science (1 credit)

As well as one of the following courses:
ANSC 3100 - Introduction to Animal Welfare (2 credits)
ANSC 4140 - Ethics and Animal Science (2 credits)


All students will design an ePortfolio showcasing their learning experience and highlighting plans as they progress through the Animal Science major. The ePortfolios need to be updated and presented to Faculty advisors at the end of each semester. A primer for launching ePortfolios will be part of ANSC 1101. Any questions about ePortfolio should be directed to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Lindsay Glasner ( 


Students entering study in Fall of 2018 or later must select one of the following concentrations. View the course requirements for each concentration by clicking on the links below.


If you are a Pre-vet, it does NOT mean that you have to take the Pre-vet concentration. You can take any of the above concentrations, still apply to vet school, and keep your options open. However each vet school has its own admission requirements. You are responsible to ensure you take all required courses for the vet schools you wish to apply to.