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Cornell Dairy Fellows Program fulfills Cornell's mission to "interweave fundamental knowledge with practical education”

What is Dairy Fellows?

Dairy Fellows is an educational and exploration program for Cornell juniors and seniors. The groundbreaking and nationally recognized program began in 1984 with the vision that students headed for careers in the dairy industry needed more than traditional science courses to prepare for the ever-changing world of modern agriculture. Since that time, hundreds of Cornell students have taken advantage of the Dairy Fellows Program to learn about dairying's diversity, formulate career plans, experience international travel, pursue internships and develop a personal and professional network of people in dairying. More than 1,200 graduates from 22 states have realized the impact of the Dairy Fellows program.

Dairy Fellows is a partnership between dairy producers, agribusinesses and Cornell to educate and prepare students for the future. While the science is here and an essential part of the Dairy Fellows program, dairy industry is the focus – there are very few programs that have that focus with the same degree of intensity.

Why Apply to the Fellows Program?

After two years as a Dairy Fellow, you will be up to speed on dairy's latest innovations and trends. You will be trained to solve problems and will develop an ambitious work ethic.

The underlying qualification for applicants to the Cornell Dairy Fellows program is a sincere interest in careers in the dairy industry, whether that career is related to veterinary medicine, research, agribusiness, law, production agriculture or another aspect of the dairy industry. Sixty to seventy percent of Dairy Fellows students pursue careers in dairy production.

There is no absolute required sequence of courses for Fellows, although a variety of courses have been developed to meet the needs of preparing the students for industry. Students are encouraged to complement the variety of dairy related courses with courses outside of animal science.  Many students take classes in Food Science, The Johnson School of Business, and the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.  We believe this creates an appropriate balance of educational experiences that allow the students to effectively engage with the industry as they begin their careers.  Further, these classroom opportunities allow the students to interact with non-agricultural students and professionals in a business environment and create networks outside of Dairy Fellows.

Your Dairy Career Begins at Cornell

The Cornell Dairy Fellows Program fulfills the University's mission to "interweave fundamental knowledge with practical education."  The core strength of the Dairy Fellows program is the combination of courses and experiences that prepare students to have a better awareness and knowledge base of the dairy industry.

The Dairy Fellows program exemplifies this mission through its strategic balance of scientific instruction and practical industry education.  Every year, 30 to 40 students enter this nationally recognized dairy program known for its industry focus.

Dairy Fellows will introduce you to all aspects of the dairy industry from production to financial management and nutrition, and from agribusiness long-range planning to international milk markets.  Through your experience as a Dairy Fellow, you will gain an understanding of how to position yourself for careers in agriculture.

To find out more about our program, complete the online Information Request Form and don't forget to plan a campus visit before you apply!

Mailing address:
Cornell University Dairy Fellows Program
272 Morrison Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Email:  or call (607) 255-4285.