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Academic Experience

Animal Science & Dairy Management

The field of Animal Science is diverse and the program offers flexibility for students to pursue their particular interests while still providing a broad education within a first-class university. The Dairy Management faculty are respected leaders in their areas of expertise and are known widely for their research. They are also people who love to teach and love to bring out the best in their students.

Graduates from the Dairy Fellows Program are prepared to:

  • Enter the dairy production industry, on either family or non-family dairies
  • Pursue careers in finance and lending, nutrition, journalism and pharmaceutical sales
  • Move on to professional schools such as veterinary medicine, business administration, law, research and teaching
  • Work in dairy product manufacturing, promotion and marketing

Current Dairy Management Course Offerings

  • ANSC 2500: Dairy Cattle Principles
  • ANSC 2510: Applied Dairy Cattle Genetics
  • ANSC 2520: Software Application in Dairy Management
  • ANSC 2550: Dairy Study Trip to Italy
  • ANSC 2570: Introductory Spanish for Dairy Producers
  • ANSC 3510: Dairy Herd Management
  • ANSC 3511: Junior Dairy Fellows
  • ANSC 3540: Dairy Cattle Herd Health
  • ANSC 3550: Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • ANSC 3560: International Dairy Study Trip
  • ANSC 3570: Advanced Spanish for Dairy Producers
  • ANSC 4010: Dairy Industry Seminar
  • ANSC 4110: Integrated Cattle Nutrition
  • ANSC 4120:  Whole Farm Nutrient Management
  • ANSC 4510: Dairy Herd Business Management
  • ANSC 4511: Quantitative Decision Making on Dairy Farms
  • ANSC 4560: Dairy Management Fellowship

To find out more about the Animal Science major and the Dairy Management Pathway, download the Curriculum Guide

If you plan to transfer to Cornell, be sure to review the Animal Science Transfer Requirements and Transfer Agreements for your specific school.